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Expand Your Business 10x Without Additional Capital !

Do you need funds to expand your business? Do you need more time to pay your creditors? Do you want ROI lower than Business Loan? You do not have a collateral?

If the answer to all above is "YES" .. then your wait is over!

BazaarMoney : Expand Your Business 10x Without Additional Capital !
Expand Your Business 10x Without Additional Capital !

The current COVID-19 pandemic, there is global disruption in the Supply Chain resulting in both loss of business and jobs. A steep downfall in prices in the Real Estate market for both resale and new units has adversely affected the market valuation of properties that businesses have mortgaged to take loans and meet working capital requirements of their day-to-day operations.

With a lower market valuation, businesses are now left at the mercy of Market Lenders for additional capital infusion or rearrangement of existing debt structures. Payments are hard to come by and Debtor defaults have started to affect small & medium businesses. We tried looking for a solution for the above problems and cater to our network of SME and Corporate clients. The wait is over and look no more! Now you can get access to both Unsecured and partial-secured funds for:

  • Buying goods and stock and get a credit period of upto 90 days

  • Sell your goods and realise your unpaid invoices within 48 hours

To know more get in touch today!

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